Whether you are simply exploring the idea of starting a project or have already advanced to the tendering stage, we can offer the following services to suit your requirements.

We can build to the design of your chosen architect, introduce you to architects if you haven't chosen one yet, or provide you with a complete Design and Build service working with you right through from the design and obtaining of planning permission to the finished build.

KM Grant

Joint ventures

Many banks will only lend money for a development if an experienced builder is involved, So, if you have a plot that you would like to develop then a Joint Venture with us may enable you to achieve that.


We carry out our own developments so please get in touch if you have land you would like to investigate.

Grant House

We offer a House Care service tailored to your requirements. We can take over the responsibility for all annual servicing, long or short-term maintenance and can look after your property while you are away. Having built your house nobody will know it as well as we do! Click here for more information.

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